Sushanta Sahu | 14 kgs Healthy Weight Loss in 3 Months




Sushanta Sahu | 14 kgs Healthy Weight Loss in 3 Months

“When I continued gymming, I retained good body weight as per my BMI, as soon as I stopped going to the gym for whatsoever reason, it would always rebound – I would get back all I lost and a kilo extra. I knew there was something wrong…just that I didn’t know what it was!” Says Sushanta Sahu, surprisingly a gym & fitness enthusiast narrating his ordeal with maintaining a healthy body weight. “Now, that I have lost 14 kilos weight and it’s been months that I have not regained any kilos – I am certain there have been some fundamental things at play behind my excess weight gain that are taken care of. The #HealthyWeightLoss program from #HealthySpan Wellness has helped.” He continues.

He further adds, “I used to have persistent digestive health issues ranging from constipation to acidity and that was a constant source of irritation. My night shifts at work always aggravated such issues.”

“HealthySpan added tremendous value. I liked their approach as it involved regular interaction with a wellness consultant – I could negotiate, I could share what I liked to eat; if I was comfortable with certain way of lifestyle habits modification, she would carefully consider and guide me accordingly. This was perfect – no ‘one-size-fits-all’ type of approach…easy to understand and implement. This helped me focus on all-round improvement in health and fitness levels while effectively managing underlying #MetabolismDamage – it was terrific. The wellness consultant who guided me took time to explain the importance of becoming healthy from within; we almost never set a goal of losing weight. As per her, setting a plain weight loss goal invariably is fraught with risks of taking short-cuts with potential adverse impact on health – that was quite an important piece of advice and I can fully comprehend the magnitude of how it has really helped me achieve what I have achieved in terms of health in the last few months.”

“I am truly grateful to HealthySpan and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who is looking for a holistic approach for remarkable health and fitness.” Sushanta adds with a great sense of gratitude.

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