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REBUILDShape rejuvenation Shed excess fat

Excess fat deposits in the body can manifest in fat storage as lower belly fat, it usually has a sagging appearance. This is inversely proportional to stress-handling capacity that an individual has. There could be weight gain that appears uniformly spread all over the body, usually attributable to high levels of estrogen. In women, there can be weight gain related to female hormones, where the person gains weight in the thighs and lower belly areas. Some cases of excess weight gain can be distinguished by pot-belly, protruding outward, relatively less sagging yet characterized by unhealthy food cravings. A successful deciphering of the fat deposit type helps design an effective wellness program.

Some of our customized wellness programs reputedly cater to shape rejuvenation while helping our clients deal with excess weight gain as shown in the adjacent graphics. The customized shape rejuvenation wellness programs designed for women, especially for postpartum weight retention management may predominantly deal with weight gain related to female hormones, where the person gains weight in the thighs and lower belly areas, though not limited to this.

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REDEFINEMuscle restorationRework fat%

There is a muscle percentage the body can ideally possess in relation to the overall fat percentage – it makes the body more energetic. By definition, muscle tissues are efficient ‘calorie-burners’ inside the body whereas the fat tissues may be relatively sluggish when it comes to burning calories. To visualize, it is like looking at an automobile – a larger engine relative to the overall automobile weight burns more fuel and produces more energy and is more agile. For the same automobile weight, a relatively smaller engine would drag down the automobile agility and power. We, at HealthySpan Wellness, pride in our deeper understanding of the science behind the muscle composition for a healthy weight loss.

Some of our wellness programs are customized to cater to muscle restoration while helping our clients shed excess fat as shown in the adjacent graphics – this helps improve overall agility. It matters to have relatively higher muscle mass as it increases metabolic rate and prevents falls and illnesses. A higher level of muscle mass can also protect against developing diabetes, according to a new research published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.

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Barometers that progressively establish result-orientation of our healthy weight loss program

Average 5% Inch Loss

90% clients undergoing healthy weight loss program reported an average 5% inch loss.

Undue Cravings Reduced

95% clients undergoing healthy weight loss program experienced drop in unhealthy cravings.

BMI Category Dropped

85% of clients undergoing our healthy weight loss program dropped an entire BMI category.

Increased Energy Levels

90% clients undergoing healthy weight loss program proclaimed increased energy levels.

What our clients say


“It has literally been a health ‘transformation’ losing 30 kilos body weight, in the true sense of the word – in transformation, nothing of the old remains..”


“In my earlier attempts at shedding extra pounds, when I exercised intensely, I lost weight; when I took a break from the gym-regimen…it rebounded…”


“Now, that I have lost 12kgs, all my health issues – the knee pain, back pain are all gone. Good health is really precious; I would not trade it literally for anything else.”



It’s always the word of mouth that’s the best advice. Here are some of our…


I lost 25kgs. It is not just about the body losing the extra pounds, the healthy weight loss program by HealthySpan is a comprehensive transformation of mind, attitude and mood.


When we began planning to expand our family, 7 years into our marriage, I was strongly advised by my consulting endocrinologist to reduce weight before conceiving. Healthy weight loss program by HealthySpan helped. Now I am a happy mother.


We are humbled to share few persuasive health transformation stories…

…stories with potential to encourage anyone to take their overall health and fitness levels with a greater sense of seriousness. This is a connected world and many of the profiles listed are actually verifiable on social media. Considering the immensity of the impact of their testimonials on the larger society, many of our clients have graciously allowed us to showcase their healthy weight loss transformations & lifestyle disorder reversals.

The best reference


 “Being a qualified pharmacist, I was also well aware of the side effects of drugs that are sometimes used to reduce weight. The liver gets loaded with relieving the body of the remnants of such drugs instead of getting involved in the recovery process.”
“There isn’t a remote sign of rebound even after close to 12 months of this remarkable health recovery. Weight loss rebound was one of my biggest concerns. What I understand is in most approaches, the underlying root causes of weight gain are not even isolated let alone being addressed…that makes the approach from HealthySpan Wellness quite unique…”


“I came to learn about HealthySpan Wellness and their Healthy Weight Loss program from a friend of my sister-in-law who had also benefitted from the weight loss program after a significant weight gain owing to a prolonged bed-rest.”
“I had attempted several times to get rid of this to get to a good level of health fitness – some under supervision, some self-researched attempts, all such attempts had one thing in common, they didn’t seem to work or even if they did, there was a 100% rebound in all cases.  I feel I have boundless energy now; I feel as if I am back to my college days…”


“When I visited a pulmonologist – he told me, my lungs capacity was only 30% and he was quite surprised at how I could walk around normally with such a condition. My lungs had almost become like a deflated balloon… I had to use inhaler regularly to relieve choking – this made me drowsy and sleepy all the time…”
“My health transformation journey has been truly life-changing – from being underweight with persistent asthmatic breathing difficulties & weak immunity to someone who has stamina to play volleyball for hours now… all in a matter of handful of months of positive lifestyle changes.”


“In November of 2011,…I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)…Due to this I had double vision, blurred vision, giddiness & high fatigue levels. Symptoms like numbness in legs & hands, body ache, tiredness – were quite common…”
“The wellness consultant from HealthySpan suggested me changes in my food habits, nutrition intake and lifestyle habits…I started seeing positive changes in my energy levels and my health is in great shape now. I am leading an active life. I am spending quality time with my family and taking care of my kids. 1I feel, HealthySpan is a blessing in my life as they changed my life…”


Professional Acclaim


“I believe HealthySpan Wellness has tremendous grip over developing a useful understanding of the underlying metabolism damage in case of a lifestyle disorder like obesity, diabetes type-II etc., and their proprietary technology is a game-changer. I have been a beneficiary of their wellness program myself.”


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    Lifestyle disorders are in epidemic proportions now. It is time, we recognize this monster we are up against as a society and take some manifest and decisive actions. This monster affects us all - prematurely in many cases, shortening healthy life span & productivity. Many of us are, living long –long life attributable to significant strides made in modern medicine. However, for many, the years in the long life are devoid of optimal health. At HealthySpan Wellness, we are resolute in our determination to confront this menace through our holistic wellness programs such as healthy weight loss program, that provide assistance in fighting such lifestyle disorders.

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