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Lifestyle disorders are in epidemic proportions now

It is time, we recognize this monster we are up against as a society and take some manifest and decisive actions.

This monster affects us all. It has our future generation, i.e., kids at our homes, in its ruthless grip. It affects us prematurely in many cases now, shortening healthy life span & productivity.

Many of us are, living long – the long life is evidently attributable to significant strides made in modern medicine. However, for many, the years in the long life are devoid of optimal health. Lack of optimal health and wellness is unquestionably financially draining; it is worrisome due to the restricted usefulness it imposes on our lives.

At HealthySpan, we are resolute in our determination to confront this menace. HealthySpan is research-backed. It is a diet & nutrition based wellness and healthcare initiative that assists people deal with such lifestyle disorders.

These lifestyle disorders can be obesity & obesity related disorders such as underactive thyroid, fatty liver, type-2 diabetes, PCOD/PCOS, hypertension, sleep apnea & cardio vascular diseases.

Why do obesity and related disorders warrant our concern?


The numbers indicate the menace is in epidemic proportions and is closer home than you think



In the last 4 and half decades leading up to 2020, obesity has almost tripled worldwide.



Approximately 38 million children under the age of 5 were overweight or obese in 2019.



Approximately 40% of adults aged 18 years and over were overweight in 2016, and 13% had BMI that categorized them as obese.



In 2016, approximately 2 billion adults, 18 years of age and older, were overweight. Of these over 650 million had BMI that categorized them as obese.

Source: who.int

Alarming discourse

Root of This Menace

First amongst these are poor lifestyle choices – food we eat, our overall nutrition intake, sedentary lifestyle with little or no physical activities – whether we take the stairs or choose the elevator, whether we take time out for a half–an-hour-a-day-exercise or convince ourselves that the world will fall apart without us during that half an hour and that ‘we have no time’. Also, at the root of this menace are the short-term, dopamine-driven feedback loops we have created that are destroying how our society has worked for us for thousands of years: no civil discourse, no cooperation – we choose to place a hand-held device on their hands when our kids seek quality time with us.

“Health is a state of complete mental, social and physical well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

The ingenious coming together


HealthySpan Wellness [registered company with limited liability under the ministry of corporate affairs | CIN : U85100KA2019PTC130856] was founded by a group of entrepreneurs who were excited about the growth in the Health and Wellness industry and Central Government’s change in health policy (NHP-2017) with enhanced focus on wellness and a definite, unambiguous global shift in priorities when it came to overall health and wellness levels of communities around.

We identified a clear gap between percentage of population that had access to quality wellness services and what the current over-burdened healthcare system could effectively cater to. We wanted to make a difference by coming up with an offering that will be cost-effective and scalable.

We collaborated with a diverse team of SMEs from across various health related fields – practicing surgeons, physicians, pharmaceutical professionals, professors in universities and pharmaceutical drug designers who whole-heartedly contributed to bringing the idea to life, to help design the unique wellness programs with the latest advancements in wellness field and to create exceptional value proposition.

It has been our constant endeavor at HealthySpan Wellness, to enrich our clients by providing a pathway to wellness, well-being and self-worth, through professional, convenient and affordable wellness consultation services.

HealthySpan Wellness is dedicated to providing top-notch care. It has been our noble pursuit since inception – to create miles of healthy smiles…uplifting one individual at a time, to a new and elevated orbit of outstanding overall health, fitness and energy levels through holistic means, making intelligent changes to diet, overall nutrition intake, changes to miscellaneous, contributing lifestyle habits to effectively manage several lifestyle disorders …obesity and obesity related disorders such as diabetes (Type-2), PCOS, hypertension, sleep apnea, under-active thyroid & cardio vascular diseases.  Our vision is to leverage technology & change the way the world thinks about health, diet, nutrition, and fitness…overall wellness.

miles of healthy smiles… uplifting one individual at a time

Our Uniqueness

Coaching, Imparted Differently


Each client receives a Personalized Wellness Consultant who learns more about them over time and provides 1-on-1 guidance.

Exercise, Access to Guidance


Need-based recommendations for participating in Facebook LIVE fitness sessions are made by the assigned wellness consultant.

Time-efficient guidance


Private text-based guidance obviate the need for long phone conversations. The same benefits as telephonic or in-person wellness.

Measured approach


Lifestyle changes are assessed for effectiveness; appropriate course-corrections ensure sustained underlying root-cause focus.

We are widely acclaimed for


We first make our habits, and then our habits make us. – John Dryden.

This is very much applicable to our health as well. We first make our lifestyle habits and our lifestyle habits make our health.

What kind of food we eat? – The quality, frequency, timing & nutrition value of it… Do we exercise regularly? Do we get adequate rest? Do we possess a positive outlook towards life? These are the often-referred 4-pillars of optimal health and wellness. Wellness crumbles when there is a weakness in any of these 4 pillars and interestingly there lies secret of how to effectively preserve good health.

HealthySpan Wellness comprises of certified wellness coaches, fitness trainers, nutrition advisers who assist an individual make positive lifestyle changes, to set the said pillars right, to preserve good health and physical fitness.

At HealthySpan Wellness, we believe in focusing on these four important pillars of our health to live a healthy life span – full of life, bursting with energy.

Sum of nutritious food consumed


Making intelligent changes to food we eat can matter more than we imagine – the quality, frequency, timing & nutrition value of it.

Experiences that form thoughts


We cannot avoid stressors in our day to day life, we can only manage them better by developing a positive outlook towards life in general.

Bodily activities for physical fitness


Our wellness consultants take cues from our evolutionary history – apt exercise regimen is recommended for right body composition.

Periodic altered consciousness


Sleep – when adequate both in quality and quantity, is effective in providing recuperation time to vital organs that work tirelessly.

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    Lifestyle disorders are in epidemic proportions now. It is time, we recognize this monster we are up against as a society and take some manifest and decisive actions. This monster affects us all - prematurely in many cases, shortening healthy life span & productivity. Many of us are, living long –long life attributable to significant strides made in modern medicine. However, for many, the years in the long life are devoid of optimal health. At HealthySpan Wellness, we are resolute in our determination to confront this menace through our holistic wellness programs such as healthy weight loss program, that provide assistance in fighting such lifestyle disorders.

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