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HealthySpan Introduction

HealthySpan was founded by a group of entrepreneurs who were excited about the growth in the Health and Wellness industry and Central Government’s change in health policy(NHP-2017) with enhanced focus on wellness.

We identified a clear gap between percentage of population who had access to quality wellness services and what the current over-burdened healthcare system could effectively cater to. We wanted to make a difference by coming up with an offering that will be cost-effective and scalable.

Secret to wellness | HealthySpan-Enabling Healthy Living

Is there a secret to good health? Is there a way to shred the pounds to get back lost health?

By design, we human beings possibly come with a ‘zero-downtime lifetime guarantee’. Our whimsical lifestyle abuses play spoilsport.

The key to get back good health, to shred the pounds therefore is an intelligent rearrangement of the lifestyle factors – diet & nutrition, fitness, recovery and mindset.

Afraid of a weight-loss rebound? | HealthySpan-Enabling Healthy Living

The healthy weight loss program from HealthySpan is characterized by a scientific approach to isolating underlying health issues, diet & nutrition, fitness & mindset. Testimonies abound with ‘no-rebound weight loss’ long after the program is over.

8 Immunity boosting lifestyle choices you cannot afford to ignore | Strengthen your immune system

How can you improve your immune system? Human immune system does a remarkable job of defending you against disease-causing microbes. But sometimes it fails: A bacteria, a virus or a parasite invades successfully and makes you sick.

Is it possible to intervene in this process and boost your immune system? What if you improve your diet? Take certain anti-oxidants, vitamins, phyto-compounds? Make other lifestyle changes in the hope of producing a near-perfect immune response?

Chronic Disorders – are they fully beyond a layman’s understanding?

Obesity and other chronic disorders such as hypertension, elevated cholesterol levels, fatty-liver, gout, PCOD, under-active thyroid, sleep apnea, connective tissue disorders like spondylosis, type-2 diabetes and chronic weak immunity – is there any common thread running through them? Is it possible to make some sense of them?

12 Foods You Wish You Never Stop Consuming | Immune Boosters

Our first line of defense against infections is our immunity, the stronger it is, the better.

Diet plays an undisputed role in boosting immunity – here is a list commonly available foods that may support immunity.

What excuses are you using for eating junk food?

What we eat becomes part of us every single day. Should we then not be more cautious about what we eat… what we choose as our building blocks?

Junk food is convenient, it is gratifying for the taste buds and is usually priced low on the menu but what’s unwritten in the menu is the overall cost on health.

Work-out is science | HealthySpan-Enabling Healthy Living

Getting exceptional muscle mass and an adorable shape aren’t just about squats, lunges, push-ups, and abdominal crunches! Hitting the gym like a habit is perhaps half the battle. The rest half is in practicing recovery!

The secret to making the cut is in lifting like we mean it with awe-inspiring health & fitness goals on endurance, strength, balance, flexibility…while getting coached on WORKOUT SCIENCE to put the fitness routine into high gear!!!

Video Testimonials

Pranati’s Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Journey | HealthySpan-Enabling Healthy Living

With the accumulated stubborn fat post her 3rd pregnancy, Pranati accepted, just like most other ladies do that she has to live with that increased weight for years to come.

When the extra weight started taking a severe toll on her health, she seriously began looking for a solution to reduce weight. The holistic principles of weight management that HealthySpan recommended helped her to reduce 15kgs in 6 months and get back to great fitness levels.

Bharath’s incredible HealthyWeightLoss journey! | HealthySpan-Enabling Healthy Living

Bharath took his fitness and general health for granted when he graduated as an engineer. He was awestruck when his body weight touched 90kgs when he began his career as an entrepreneur; he was a meager 63kgs during his engineering days. Poor lifestyle choices, higher stress levels of his business took their toll.

His story has been one of complete transformation of health – he had a 20kgs #HealthyWeightLoss with the holistic approach of #HealthySpan . The astonishing thing is that he has been able to maintain that body weight at that level for the past 1 year now.

Weight Loss | 30kgs in 90 Days | Transformational Story | No Rebound Since 5 Months | HealthySpan

108kgs to 78kgs, a 30kgs healthy weight loss in 90 days… to top it all, it has remained the same 78kgs for the past 5 months now – this health transformation has been a life-changing experience for Sathish Kumar, IT professional, Bengaluru.

Transformational change in Rohini’s energy and fitness levels | HealthySpan-Enabling Healthy Living

In 2013, when Rohini had a relapse of multiple sclerosis, the medication she was on made her low in energy & bedridden; she was looking for options which can potentially offer some relief from the physical strain she was undergoing.

Listen to her captivating story – how changes to her food habits, nutrition intake and lifestyle habits brought in transformational change in her energy and fitness levels.

Radhika’s Daughter’s Health Transformation Journey| HealthySpan-Enabling Healthy Living

Radhika, mother of 5 and half years old child Sahasra, was quite worried about Sahasra’s weak immunity and frequent occurrences of severe cold, cough & fever.

There was an instance, when Sahasra was diagnosed with serious tonsil inflammation – that was the trigger point for Radhika. She wanted to make some changes so that Sahasra could have better health fundamentally.

Changes recommended by HealthySpan to Sahasra’s food habits, nutrition intake and physical activity levels have made tremendous difference to her health. Hers has been a transformational story.

Dr Aditya’s Healthy Weight Loss | HealthySpan-Enabling Healthy Living

Hectic lifestyle associated with being a top notch professional took a toll on Dr Aditya’s health – at 93kgs body weight, declared pre-diabetic with HbA1C 6.5%, he had back pain, knee pain and disc bulging.

His health transformation borders on being dramatic with HealthySpan-recommended personalized lifestyle changes, exercise, nutrition & diet – he lost 21kgs fat while his muscle mass actually improved by 4kgs, he has sustained the reduced weight for close to 2 years now.

His apprehensions of gaining back weight has been laid to rest. Listen on..

Do you think losing weight with PCOD is difficult? | HealthySpan-Enabling Healthy Living

Watch Ramya’s phenomenal healthy weight loss story… she had PCOD for 5 years – even that couldn’t deter her from getting back to a remarkable level of health and fitness!
She couldn’t have been happier as a proud parent of a 2 month old baby!

Balaji’s journey towards healthy weight gain & improved fitness |HealthySpan-Enabling Healthy Living

Balaji used to grapple with recurrent bouts of cold, headache, throat infection, breathing difficulty due to blocked nose and loss of sleep. He was underweight. Pollen and pulverized fine dust in Bangalore exacerbated his condition quite often.

His attempts at healing with traditional medication etc didn’t provide him relief – when these ocurrences became a serious hindrance to his day-to-day life, he began looking for alternate options. Listen to his story how he achieved a healthy weight gain and improved his fitness.

Rinki Chauhan’s incredible story of 18kg weight loss | HealthySpan-Enabling Healthy Living

Around 2 and half years ago, Rinki had a rapid weight gain owing to 6 months bed test and surgery post a backbone fracture sustained in a bus accident. Here is her inspiring story of undergoing a healthy weight loss of 18kgs and overcoming all her health issues – sleeplessness, depression, symptoms of gout (higher uric acid levels)

The positive impact of being “fat to fit” has on overall health? HealthySpan-Enabling Healthy Living

Satish, a software professional for 13 years, was shocked to know he had signs of asthma, grade II fatty liver and thyroid malfunction while his weight touched 85kgs!

He underwent a 16kgs healthy weight loss in 6 months flat while the host of other health issues he faced vanished…all this without a rebound!!

Sharath Remarkable Health Recovery despite crippling Asthma | HealthySpan-Enabling Healthy Living

Sharath’s health transformation journey is truly inspirational – from being underweight with persistent asthmatic breathing difficulties & weak immunity to someone who has stamina to play volleyball for hours now… all in a matter of handful of months of positive lifestyle changes.

Strong Immunity | Healthy Kids | Happy Parents | HealthySpan-Enabling Healthy Living

Balaji was really concerned about the immunity and general health levels of his ‘low birth-weight twin boys’. Both of them weighing just above 2kgs, had frequent bouts of cough, cold, fever, eczema and wheezing issues.
Their journey from low birth weight and fussy eating habits to good health & fitness, to good body weight, to playing multiple sports, to being quite competitive at school now is quite inspiring.
Listen to his experience in his own words, especially if you are a parent.

Swathi’s unmissable story of getting healthy to lose 10kgs weight in 6 months

Her 76-78kgs body weight was a constant source of worry for Swathi, IT professional, married for 12 years and mother of a 7 is year old daughter. Sporadic attempts at reducing weight using yoga, zumba, gym did not yield any results. Watch her narrate this unmissable, inspiring story of health transformation…from suffering from lower back pain, headache, having to deal with clothes not fitting… to reducing 10kgs in 6 months and being showered with compliments from friends, relatives on her renewed fitness. Icing on cake is the fact that it’s been months without rebound.

23kgs Knocked Off In 3 Months | Rajendra’s Incredible Health Transformation Story

From being a worried man with 109kgs and grade-1 fatty liver for years to 86kgs body weight in less than 90 days – it’s been dramatic health transformation for Rajendra Singh, pharma grad running a retail pharmacy store in Bengaluru. There aren’t remote signs of a rebound even after 6 months. His energy levels have been up, and he has been inspiring many of his close friends and relatives to experience paradigm shift in health.

“I have tried everything to get fit.” – He used to resent often!
“I’m thankful, I tried HealthySpan.” – He adds gratefully now.

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    Lifestyle disorders are in epidemic proportions now. It is time, we recognize this monster we are up against as a society and take some manifest and decisive actions. This monster affects us all - prematurely in many cases, shortening healthy life span & productivity. Many of us are, living long –long life attributable to significant strides made in modern medicine. However, for many, the years in the long life are devoid of optimal health. At HealthySpan Wellness, we are resolute in our determination to confront this menace through our holistic wellness programs such as healthy weight loss program, that provide assistance in fighting such lifestyle disorders.

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