Sonam Saxena | 13 kgs Healthy Weight Loss in 5 Months




Sonam Saxena | 13 kgs Healthy Weight Loss in 5 Months

“The 13 kilos healthy weight loss has completely transformed my health – I have totally renewed energy and fitness levels. The journey of healthy weight loss of 13kilos in a time span of 5 months has been truly life-changing…this is something I can fondly attribute to the otherwise remarkable 2020 and the initial months of this year. The holistic approach from #HealthySpan Wellness is commendable. It was not just inch loss but the reduction from 76kilos to 63kilos was accompanied by an increase in lean mass (namely bone mineral deposits, muscle, tendon, and other connective tissue) which is really remarkable for my height.” This is what Sonam Saxena, a young professional from Delhi, has to say about her overcoming excess weight gain that refused to budge despite all her prior attempts.
“In my earlier attempts at shedding extra pounds, when I exercised intensely, I lost weight; when I took a break from the gym-regimen, the lost weight came back and in some cases, it rebounded with a bonus of 1 kilo extra! I was quite vexed and frustrated with the weight loss rebound experience.” She adds.
She continues, “This is information age and at the click of a button, we have access to all information we look for but the challenge is to differentiate between useful information and information that is simply not relevant contextually. When it comes to health and overall fitness level, I was well-aware of the complications and consequences of leaving excess weight-gain unchecked and knew very well the benefits of undergoing a healthy weight loss without taking short-cuts. There is substantial evidence a healthy weight loss of just 7-10% can prevent progression from pre-diabetes to type-2 diabetes, can reduce heart disease risk. There was no question of not getting back to an exemplary level of health and fitness just that I was clueless about how to go about it – this was more attributable to information-flood from the internet, deluge of advice from friends, and the gush of social media posts…than lack of it.”
“Nevertheless, I was determined to take my health more seriously. I got to know about HealthySpan Wellness and their effective healthy weight loss program from my own brother – he had experienced remarkable health transformation in short few months of being in the program. I was convinced from the beginning itself.” She says, also noting that the pandemic and the chaos it generated was the turning point for her to look at her health with more seriousness and to venture beyond simply googling and utilizing random wellness and weight loss ideas from friends.
“I have experienced tremendous intangible benefits…changes to self-confidence in particular – this transformation is not just limited to changes in terms of physical fitness but in terms of my mental conditioning. I know I can dress very well. I can take full picture. And the biggest blessing is when my friends and family see me an inspiration and want to treat their health and fitness more seriously.”
“Now, that I have lost 13kgs, all my health issues have reversed – the knee pain, tiredness, general lethargy…all of them. I am of the firm belief that good health is really priceless; it is simply not worth compromising with it, no matter what.” She concludes gratefully.

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