Renu Kumari | 13 kgs Remarkable Healthy Weight Loss in 6 Months




Renu Kumari | 13 kgs Remarkable Healthy Weight Loss in 6 Months

When a New Year knocks on the door and each one of us is looking forward to make the Year memorable, something more interesting, and something to make us better than before, something that makes us happier. In a nutshell – it’s our genetic makeup that fuels us to be better version of ourselves.

This health and fitness transformation story is especially dedicated for all the beautiful mums out there struggling to lose their post pregnancy weight and look younger, fitter, and healthier. We just want to say one thing – stay on course, trust the process and the results will far exceed your expectations!

Accomplishments, especially worthwhile ones, do take time and effort; they take dedication, intrinsic motivation and determination to not buckle down under pressure of short-term disappointments and temporary defeats. It’s not about being thin or losing weight, it’s about being fit for life and living a fuller life.

The story of Renu Kumari is truly inspiring – in fact, she came back with an amazing update in just 6 weeks of her completing the wellness program focused on post-pregnancy healthy weight loss, from HealthySpan Wellness. Such was the metabolism damage correction during the program that she reduced a further 3 kilos body weight without any additional effort.

Read on…in case you have missed the original story (slightly updated now)… “Now, reducing from 72kilos to 59kilos may not appear like a jaw-dropping headline type story but for my height of 5feet and 1, 72kilos was at a BMI bordering on obesity,” This is what Renu, a proud mom of 2 beautiful kids, aged 12 and 7, has to say regarding her health transformation.

Renu had a prolonged struggle with postpartum weight retention after delivering her 2nd child 7 years ago. The weight retention was accompanied by gastro-intestinal issues and persistent insomnia. “I had recurrent headache episodes and the sleeplessness used to drive me crazy, I used to rely on medication sometimes but to no avail. I was a foodie – that compounded the problem.”

“I had attempted several times to get rid of this to get to a good level of health fitness – some under supervision, some self-researched attempts, all such attempts had one thing in common, they didn’t seem to work or even if they did, there was a 100% rebound in all cases. I was really concerned.” Renu adds.

“I came to learn about #HealthySpan Wellness and their #HealthyWeightLoss program from a friend of my sister-in-law who had also benefitted from the weight loss program after a significant weight gain owing to a prolonged bed-rest. I had a look at tons of wonderful testimonies all over social media on their #WellnessProgram. I had no doubt at all; I said ‘I am in’. And the last 4-5 months have been fabulous.” Renu can hardly conceal her joy when she says this.

“It’s not just the 13kilo reduction but the holistic approach that is special – I feel I have boundless energy now; I feel as if I am back to my college days in terms of my physical and mental fitness. My muscle composition, overall agility – there has been an all-round improvement. It has been nothing short of being miraculous.” Renu adds with indebtedness.

She shares her appreciation for the hand-holding she received from HealthySpan Wellness, “Whenever there were questions I had, things were not clear, my wellness consultant was always there. The communication that I maintained with my consultant was quite seamless. What’s more exciting is what I have learnt over these few months about how the body behaves with different types of food, exercises, lifestyle habits etc. and about dealing with metabolism damage that plays havoc with our body and throws us out of gear. I think that knowhow is priceless. I am sure I am going to carry forward the benefits well beyond the wellness program for years to come.”

“My friends give me compliments. It’s gratifying to know I could inspire my family members and other relatives… my health transformation have encouraged many to pursue a good level of health and fitness as a priority goal. I would strongly recommend HealthySpan Wellness; their wellness program is the best for effectively managing postpartum weight retention.”

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