Manas Agrawal | 18 kgs Healthy Weight Loss in 5 Months




Manas Agrawal | 18 kgs Healthy Weight Loss in 5 Months

An #18KgsHealthyWeightLoss – from 96 kgs body weight, all the down to 78 kgs – which has sustained for months now without a rebound, has literally brought a #Transformation in the life of Manas Agrawal, IT professional working in a prestigious multinational firm, for almost 12+ years now.

He says, “Being from a Marwari family, I was an ardent #FoodLover. I always weighed on the higher side for my height since my childhood. In fact, during my engineering days, I weighed about 82kgs. Things took a dramatic turn when I began my professional journey in Bengaluru – #LongWorkingHours#WrongFoodHabits#HigherStressLevels took a toll. Slowly yet steadily, over a decade, I picked up a lot of weight – I weighed almost 96kgs. I remember, one of my friends jokingly mentioning – ‘At this rate, you will hit 1 ton soon, Manas’.

My response was one of nervousness masquerading as confidence – I will never let that happen to me.”
“Once, I participated in my son’s sports day. It was a mere 800 meter race for all fathers present that day. I was literally palpitating and feeling dizzy for an hour after the race. I was shocked when I went for a routine medical checkup. It showed slight fatty liver and lipid profile on the borderline. I was also experiencing whizzing on climbing stairs – I used to give up after climbing couple of floors in my office building.” Manas recollects.

“That is when I decided I must do something about my health. I tried various #WeightLossMethods and lost few pounds, but I always bounced back faster. I had lost all hope and accepted that I can’t get rid of that #StubbornFat that I had been carrying from many years. My dream of #GettingIntoShape will never be a reality. I was truly clueless despite a sincere intent to see a change in my #HealthAndFitness levels.”

“One day, I was exposed to #HealthySpan Wellness through a friend. When I understood the scientific and #HolisticApproachToWellness, I was convinced and went ahead with their #HealthyWeightLoss program. Their personalized lifestyle changes, #Exercise#Nutrition & #Diet helped me shed 18kg unwanted weight. I regained my #FitnessLevel. I can run for hours now and feel more energetic than ever before. In fact, I participated in #10KM #Marathon and finished in less than 70min. I want to complete half and full marathon one day. In hindsight, it is quite gratifying when I see myself doing #10KMMarathon …the same ‘me’ who used to struggle in an 800 meters race and had a hard time climbing stairs without experiencing breathlessness.”

His has been an inspiring story of health recovery – for many of his close friends and relatives who also want to experience the same paradigm shift in health.

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